Fog ‘n’ rain

Fog and rain

So far our holiday has consisted of lots of fog, rain and whale song. The first two are courtesy of mother nature. The latter is thanks to Andrew pretending to broadcast whale song through the car.

I cannot recall what started him making this noise a few days ago, however, now, whenever he is lost for words, the whale song noise comes out. I’ve said he sounds more like a cow; he thoroughly refutes this claim. Either way, he’s insane.

At the time of typing he is deriving an unreasonable amount of joy from a wind-up torch and randomly shooting the light across the room. His practical joking streak is apparently not new. I’ve arrived today at his parents place. (The first time I’ve met his parents). I was sitting on the couch and I heard a ‘ding’.

‘Did someone’s phone go off?’ I ask.

‘No, that’s Andrew’s clock.’

I check the clock on the wall it is 7 to the hour. Andrew made the clock when he was 14. He set it to ding at 7 minutes to the hour… as you do.

I’m hoping that he is going to come up with something amusing (better than his torch dance) to keep me awake. After a couple of days and over 1,100 kilometres I’m fading. To make it worse, I’m in the land of Queensland, where we can’t have daylight savings for fear of fading the curtains, or upsetting the cows. So while I think it’s approaching 9pm… which is a vaguely acceptable as a bedtime, it’s only approaching 8pm. (Unless I could convince myself I was in the Whitsunday’s and not Brisbane. Apparently the Whitsunday’s has decided that daylight savings is good enough for the rest of Australia so it’s good enough for it despite being in Queensland).

Alas I am in Brisbane and thus it is only approaching 8pm. My usually delightful fool also appears to be failing me tonight.

Just as I was about to click ‘publish’, I heard a ding. It’s 7 minutes to 9. Or 7 minutes to 8 depending on where I truly am. Thank you Andrew.


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  1. On the plus side, it must be fairly easy to amuse him with gifts from the joke shop; plastic spiders in sugar lumps were always a good one I recall. I am a little intrigued by the fact his parents have kept a clock that dings at seven minutes to the hour for twenty- six years. There are things you could be noting, Miss Marple style, about this household. But maybe that would keep you awake too long.

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