Road games

Less than 24 hours before the 9 day adventure begins and I’ve been researching road games. I’m meaning games for the car, not the 1981 Australian movie of the same name, which I’m ashamed to admit I have watched to its completion. Several hours of my life wasted for the slim reward of discovering the dog wasn’t a dingo.

This all started when Andrew mocked my attempt at some entertainment. I created a playlist in my phone with songs from movies we had watched together and titled it Guess The Movie. Ok, so it’s not the most fascinating attempt at entertainment but with his memory issues it could be humorous. If nothing else, it’s got to be vaguely romantic. As he did not concur, I googled ‘games for road trips.’

The first article came up – top 10 road trip games of all time – headed as you would expect by I-spy. I skipped entry one and had an expectation of something decent as I proceeded to games 2 through 10. Well, I’ve never read a more lame list of activities in all my life. My Guess The Movie was revolutionary in it’s excitement factor compared to this list.

Top 10 road games of all time and it features games where you get to punch your travelling buddy when you see something first? Hmm… an Australian teenage boy came up with that one when his sister was whining about him ripping the head off her doll.

This brought back memories for me. Not of doll decapitation; for I was not a doll girl. Rather, of my mother’s method for separating my brother and I on long road trips. We punched each other all right. It wasn’t part of any game though. It was just us. So mum put a giant esky in the middle of the back seat between us. It was red and orange toned, another relic from the 1970s. While I was born towards the end of that decade, my youth is peppered with orange, green and brown. I can only think that my mother acquired all her furnishings and household items from her wedding in 1972 and thus we lived with orange throughout my childhood.

My childhood road trips did feature I-spy and 20 questions. I think there may have even been some adaptation of the number plate game. Counting VW’s was not among them. Perhaps a reflection of my family’s lack of ‘car passion.’ (A car is something which gets you from A to B, right dad?).

Gobsmacked by the pathetic nature of the road games top 10, I dialled the google dice again and came up with a link attached to two Australian comedians. Surely, there had to be some decent offering there? Nope. It was actually them calling for suggestions. Among the replies were dozens and dozens of entries suggesting ‘road cricket’. Bloody cricket! My first thought was that this was like street cricket. (You know, the kind… where a garbage bin is the stumps, a plank of wood for the bat and hitting it into Mrs McGillicuddy’s front yard qualifies as a six.) But no.

That’s vaguely more imaginative than road cricket. Are you sitting down? Road cricket is where you assign a number of points for each car colour or type. These count as runs and you add them up. I can only think this was conjured out of nowhere by a parent desperate for his or her children to develop their math skills. Only in Australia would that count as a game!

Other common mentions were ‘roadkill’. Andrew said to me, ‘Roadkill? What? Do you guess what the animal was?’

No Andrew. The edition online presumes ‘gentle’ roadkill. As in gentle enough you can still tell what it was so you can award 2 points for a kangaroo, 4 for a wombat and I’d think that a numbat or an echnidna would surely get you a triple word score. Sad thing is, this game is common enough that there are different versions of scoring it!

After all this googling, I’ve decided that my partner in crime will have to settle for guess the movie. It’s not so bad after all.


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  1. The name of the game was “let’s drive Mum and Dad to distraction”. That eight hour drive to the Snowy Mountains was pure torture.

    As for the fashions…Orange Curtains etc. You just go with the flow and those Orange curtains came with the house as did Russell the orange cat.

    Talking of the cats. All is peace. Our cats are out and your cats are in…One is still in hiding and the other has decided the our bed is rather comfy.

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