Pickle on the chopping block

Day one of holidays and I’m getting a taste of what my girls get up to while I’m at work.


The morning seems to have consisted of sleeping. Moving 1 metre. Re-establishing oneself in the sleep position. When approached, wake-up and perform belly roll.

The two headed monster

Licorice and Saffron on my brown gypsy skirt

Best of all sleep on the skirt that I was planning on repairing today. Good work Licorice and Saffron! They’ve been occupying the skirt for a couple of days. I had hoped that they would have found a new snoozing place by now. I shouldn’t complain. Fortunately my cats and my clothes are often the same colour. It makes the cat hair blend in somewhat.

Meanwhile, over at chateau de Andrew the boys are probably doing about as much as the girls. I dropped in to apply flea medication to the back of Pickle’s neck. On walking in the door I found Pickle asleep in the old wheelchair and Gesso spread out on top of the bookshelf. I’m pleased I’ve been able to witness this gargantuan level of athelticism. I don’t feel bad about going away for 9 days. It’s clear that they’ll sleep right through it.

This was Pickle last night. Alternating between sleep and mild attention on the chopping block. Thankfully, for Pickle’s sake, it isn’t presently being used as a chopping block.

PIckle on the chopping block

Pickle on the chopping block

Since I’ve included 3 of the ‘fur children’, I guess I’ll have to put in the fourth. This was his sleeping effort the night before last.

Gesso's comfyLayabouts! Nevermind. I have the perfect way of waking Licorice and Saffron up. I’m going to cut fabric. It works everytime. Even when they are in the other room, they have a ‘fabric’ radar. Cutting a pattern out wouldn’t be half as much fun without the feline assistance.


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  1. Great cats, i used to have a dark tortoiseshell many moons ago, they most lovely markings.

  2. Lovely lazy kitties, sometimes that’s when they are at their best.

  3. Gosh, the title had me worried. So fabric cutting has the same effect as bed linen changing. someone should write a paper.
    When are you off?

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