Weird Search Terms

A while ago I wrote a blog post: The Secret to increasing blog traffic. I’d had a spike in my visitors and had just blogged about dating disability style, so attributed the rise to people searching for disability (it couldn’t have possibly been the word dating).

Gesso sleeping upsidedown

A random photo of Gesso which has nothing to do with banshees or belly button lint

At the time, a few of you wrote and told me of your bizarre search terms hitting your blogs. Flossie found there are a lot of people out there searching for ‘stationery’. Oldcat pitched in with visitors to her blog searching for ‘Dragon Man and Rat Woman Love Connection’.

Well, this weeks sees some new peculiarities coming up in my search term stats. There’s little I can say other than print them. They have me mystified.

  • Belly button line preservation society
  • a little dodgy purple giraffe, and
  • cloak banshee ninja madness covered in fur.
It seems cloaked banshees ninjas must be popular – I got that one twice this week! What’s the strangest search term ever to hit your blog?

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  1. Mine are quite tame today, brick wall is the most popular.
    Btw, one of cousin’s daughters is in Sydney, in Maroubra. Anywhere near you?

    • Brick wall is tame compared to banshee ninjas!
      Maroubra is probably about 25-30 minutes away from where I live. Sydney is quite a sprawling city. Today someone commented to me about their home – New Zealand – and said something about it being only 3-4 million in population. I said – Sydney’s about as populated as New Zealand!

  2. I’ve begun to wonder if they aren’t translations from foreign languages to English, or even jumping from one lanuage to another–kind of like the old “telephone game” (which probably no one but us over-50s know about anymore). But how these search strings get people to us is beyond me!

    Photo above looks like a good whimsical watercolor.

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