A dilemma

I have two presentations to write for work next week. One is starting to percolate in my head. The other is stuck. So stuck that I’m returning to past tricks to see if I can recycle some of the more entertaining components of previous presentations.I try as much as possible to make presentations about data slightly more interesting than cutting your own toenails. By way of example, my last presentation on data involved a toddler sized purple bunny being hurled across the room. At the very least, anyone who was asleep had the very real chance of being hit in the head with presentation collateral.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to make a presentation on data segmentation, profiling and analysis interesting to potentially a bunch of marketers, please head over to my data monkey alter ego and assist me. At this stage, anything is fair game. Flying fluffy purple bunnies included.


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  1. First, and before I forget, someone gave me a link to this. You may be interested.

  2. Sorry, but I don ‘t understand any of this. The only thing that comes to mind are segments of orange. Or a chocolate orange.

  3. Hey where is the photo of the purple bunny then???

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