Not a hope in hell: weekly photo challenge

Yesterday I read that the weekly photo challenge was ‘Hope’.

Initial response: nothing. Blank. No idea.

I told Andrew the theme and he suggested taking a photo of the cat drooling over a cat of food. Then I saw Isobel’s post of her cat hopefully pursuing a bird.

So I went about the day I had planned and had my iphone at the ready. Perhaps I would see something today that inspired me to complete the challenge.

Garbage TruckPhotograph One: A garbage truck.

I wondered whether there was any connection with hope here. Hopes about greater recycling in the world? Hopes that my garbage room was not going to be as disgusting as it usually is. It didn’t take me long to realise that this wasn’t my ‘hope’ photo.

I kept looking.

Photograph Two: Generation minus the G

This is a mural painted along the brickwork at Redfern station. It is clearly part of a hope; a dream for the Aboriginal community.

Yet I’m missing a G, the rail was in the way so I’m thinking it is a lousy photography and doesn’t really qualify.


The next photograph I took aroused my curiosity. Why did this guy have pointy things on the back of his helmet?

Of course, I couldn’t muster any link to hope; not even the most tenuous one. I liked the photograph though so here is: Photograph Three: Enmore Sydney.
Enmore Sydney
I arrived home at my unit to read this message someone had posted in a common area.
One of my neighbours, apparently
I walked on in happy in the thought that I was a cat owner through and through.

I spent the next four and a half hours, with three helpers and two star wars films cleaning my unit for the inspection tomorrow. No one is going to tell me that the top of my cupboards are dirty or I haven’t cleaned the track in my sliding doors this time! Of course, none of this aided my quest for a ‘hope’ photo.

My last attempt was when the shadows of the wheelchair on the floor caught my eye. Once again, no idea what this had to do with hope; just had to photograph it just the same.
Shadow of a wheel

After all those attempts, I realised I had not a hope in hell of cracking this nut.

I look forward to next week’s theme.


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  1. Nice story though! You have until Friday anyway. No rush. Lots of people have posted pix of new shoots, the hope of spring, there are candles and quite frankly, looking at some, I completely forgot what the them was. One of my favourites was of two dogs in the water. One had a toy, the other one was planning to take it. If I can remember who took it, I shall send you the link.

    • That sounds like a cool photo. Would love to see the link. I’m at home waiting for the rental inspection people so I think I’m going to do some browsing of ‘hope’ pictures and blogs for the next hour.

  2. I love your warning sign. You can’t get much clearer than that. LOL.

  3. ……….but “looking for hope” is well-planted within you now……….

  4. Love your images, especially the black & white!

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