An Artist’s impression of the Senior Australian of the year

Laurie Baymarrwangga as pictured in NT times

Laurie Baymarrwangga, has been named Senior Australian of the year. At 95 years of age, she is very senior indeed! I know only what I’ve read in articles today about her. Any woman who establishes a turtle sanctuary is ok by me. In fact more than ok. I like turtles.

It seems Laurie Baymarrwangga is quite an extraordinary woman.

I found the black and white photograph in the NT times article made me want to draw.

Here’s my ‘artists impression’ of her. The use of Aboriginal colours is quite accidental, or more likely, subconscious. This page in my art folio was already painted black and had red crayon on the side. It was a picture that went nowhere so I was more than happy to draw over the top. Initially I didn’t even notice the red. When I had to put a light colour to the left hand side of her face, the only light crayons I had were white and yellow. I only have a few materials here at Andrew’s place so yellow it was as I thought I’d already put too much white into the picture.

Conte Crayon, Neocolor I Crayon and Coloured Pencil on Black Gesso background


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  1. Very interesting article about this woman, and a wonderful technique. People need to enlarge this to appreciate the details.

    • Thank you animalartist. I’ve left my good camera at mum’s place so was using the iphone, otherwise it would be bigger.

      She is an interesting woman. I suppose that’s one nice thing about Australia day. You hear about some remarkable people.

  2. Are you an artist or something? Just kidding. Fantastic work! Keep it up 🙂

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