42: the list to date

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far. I’m well on my way to 42 words to use in one blog post this weekend.

Here’s the list (I’ll update as people add). If I get over 42, I’m using those words as ‘supplements’.

  1. Cranky
  2. Meatballs
  3. Grandmother
  4. Oozy
  5. Rain
  6. Frustrated
  7. Mother-in-law from hell
  8. Affinity
  9. Skulk
  10. Glisten
  11. Ubiquitous
  12. Combobulate
  13. Chuffed
  14. Blimey
  15. Macaroni
  16. Salty
  17. Rank
  18. Meatless
  19. Rudely
  20. Fishing-rod
  21. Moose
  22. Lasagne
  23. Budgie
  24. Giggles
  25. Searching
  26. Doorstep
  27. Ginger
  28. Fluffy
  29. Compact
  30. Slathered
  31. Blinkered
  32. Orange
  33. Anthropomorphosis
  34. Tennessee
  35. Pirouette
  36. Rootbeer
  37. Harbour
  38. Suicide
  39. Booth
  40. Kitsch
  41. Lascivious
  42. Babaghanoush

Supplementaries: transgender, infantile, squiggly, defenestration


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  1. This is my favorite word ever. It usually takes at least 3 tries for me to say it correctly which could be part of the fun of it. anthropomorphosis

  2. I’m not officially a follower (more of an interested lurker), so I won’t try to cheat and slip in a word. But I can’t wait to see the post with all 42 on the final list represented!

    • I’m still 5 words short of 42 and was hoping to get more than that so I have some ‘supplementaries’ (like in the lotto!). Therefore lurkers are most welcome to suggest a word. It can’t be worse than anthropomorphism.

  3. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics to animals, like I do with Not Cat, and a word my English teacher loved when I was at school. But the -osis ending is new to me. I imagine it must be the same thing though as words ending osis are generally nouns.

  4. how about suicidebooth! 😀

  5. Kitsch? Lascivious? Babaghanoush?

    A few spares… Transgender? Infantile? Squiggly?

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