The cat sat on my homework

Gesso assistanceLast night, I had to write a presentation for work today.

Gesso had other plans for me, blocking my access to the laptop in the only way he knew how.

Me being slightly peculiar, took a photo of him in situ, turfed him off, then wrote my presentation and included him in it! I’m sure my colleagues think I’m completely cracked but then again, they don’t tell me my presentations are boring, which I think is what many people expect from the data person. I met a new member of staff today. She said to me, ‘are you the IT person?’ I felt almost insulted. Am I that drab?

Through today, Gesso and Saffron must have had a conversation, for tonight, it is Miss Saff’s turn at stopping me from completing my homework. She has adopted a similar approach to gesso. She just happens to be twice the size and far more determined to stay where she is. My dressmaking teacher has 3 cats of her own. I’m sure she will accept my excuse for not cutting out the whole pattern… no?
Saffron assistance


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  1. So how did it go? 🙂

    • For a long time, Saffron was victorious. Eventually, I convinced her that the couch was an appropriate place to sit and despite some brief Pickle intervention, I completed the cutting. It was only 4 pieces!

  2. Wow they really want it their way or no way at all huh! lol 😀

  3. Have you experienced the cats managing to flip the picture on the screen 90 or 180 degrees yet? That’s always fun….. 😀

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