A masterclass in boobs

I recently discovered a blog called Megan’s Manifesto. It should be called Megan’s Laugh Yourself Silly And Be In Awe Of Her Talent Blog.

She can take subjects I’d be too scared to touch and create an engaging, meaty read. One of my favourite posts is simply called “On Boobs“.

The first paragraph reads:

Do you wanna know why I’d make an awful hippie? Firstly, I strongly believe Janis Joplin’s crap on a tie-dyed stick. Secondly, bell-bottoms make my already huge hips gargantuan. Thirdly, I’m pretty much epileptic near disco balls. And finally, I can’t make it through the day without an industrial strength, under-wired bra holding The Twins firmly in place. The free-wheelin’ beatniks might disagree, but as far as I’m concerned, dancing in the streets is off-limits until everything in and around the chest area’s been properly secured. You never know when an overly rhythmic boob might knock you out cold.

Are you hooked? Go on and read the rest of the post and prepare to be entertained.


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