How not to make a quilt

Step One. Dispense with the roller cutter.

In the flip and 4 method of quilt making, roller cutters are overrated. Scissors work just as well.

Step Two. Make your own template.

I’m not sure why people bother with those rulers. You can easily just chop up the back of a display book and use that as a template. Never mind that it might be a quarter of an inch out from one end to the other. Pah! Accuracy is for pansies.

Step Three. To make it faster cut a few squares at once.

Yes, in the flip and 4 method, cutting one at once is a no no. Cutting 2 seemed reasonable to me. 4 decided to take it one step further and cut 8 at once. Sure, they were a little rough around the edges… but who cares?

Step Four. Dispense with cotton.

It may be traditional to make quilts out of all cotton. Sadly, my scrap baskets contained more than just cotton. I didn’t want that gorgeous Chinese brocade to look lonely so I included it.

Step Five. Make it wonky.

I’m sure there are some people shaking their heads at my sewing effort. How could she? Look at how far out those corners are? How many vodkas had she had before sewing this thing?

When I sent a message to 4 saying I’d done some more of the quilt, he worried I’d made it too perfect.

Yes, my perfectionism had meant I unpicked half a quilt to get the brocade pieces which were fraying out in order to overlock them. My nagging neatness made me remove the white selvage which was showing in the middle of the quilt. Yet, in the spirit of this being a flip and 4 quilt, I didn’t unpick where the corners didn’t meet. 4 was right. It adds some charm.

Step Six. Add a cat.

Pickle helped.

And so did Gesso.

Gesso even tried his hand (paw) at chasing the needle.

Step Seven: Don’t worry about colour matching

Here, orange could live next to red, brown, pink, purple or toxic  lime green.

Step Eight: Dispense with pattern matching

You’ll find quilting fabric often comes in ‘stories’. 4 or 5 fabrics all themed together not just on colour but on subject matter. In this quilt there’s dinosaurs wearing hawaian shirts, celtic knotwork, turquoise turtles and chinese brocade. The only thing binding these fabrics together is that we found them in my cupboard.

Step Nine: Have Fun

I did.

Quilt - Flip and 4 style


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  1. Well, i thought it was a pretty good effort (for a guy). Maybe there is a name that applies to this school of quilt making?

  2. My cats often “help” me too!

  3. If you lived closer I might get over my sewing machine fear. Though the idea of sewing with Not Cat in the room gives me palpitations.
    I think it’s gorgeous.
    Where’s it going?
    Oh, and you made me smile! 🙂

  4. That’d be me too, I never measure or weigh anything!

  5. Gilly are you like my mother? ‘Put a glob of butter.’
    So I do.
    ‘No, that’s too much, I said a glob!’

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