Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful take 2

I know I’ve already posted one ‘less than peaceful’ pic, so I thought I should make a genuine effort.

Late last night peace finally rained down on this house when all four cats fell asleep in their designated ‘zones.’

I didn’t want to wake any of them by taking photos so I only got a couple of the deaf cat. I do think there is not much more peaceful than a sleeping cat… particularly after a day of trying o manage 4 of them!

For any new visitors:

yes, he’s got pink fur.

The story of how he got that way is here. I didn’t think it was that noticeable until I posted yesterday’s pic and a few people asked me!

There is little doubt he has claimed Saffron and Licorice’s scratching post as his own. Is it normal for houseminders to leave gifts behind? I may have to invest in another post as he seems really attached to this one.

He sleeps! Peace at last!


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  1. Cats always amaze me as to where they are able to sleep. : ) Great capture.

  2. Ah, little munchkin. Bless.

  3. Ah he definitely needs his own post perhaps with a bit more cushioning!

  4. Yes, peace has settled down 😉 Loving your cats…

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