Mix and Match Cats

I’m so excited! The little (and not so little) cats that I thought I’d have to keep separate are more than tolerating each other. They are sitting within a metre of each other peacefully!

Mix and Match Cats II

The young and the fat, Gesso 5 months, Licorice 9 1/2 years

Mix and Match Cats II

The bed hoggers: Pickle 1 year, Saffron 6 1/2 years


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  1. I’d check your emails though. It looks suspiciously like one of the cats has been on the Mac…..

  2. Actually, I think all 4 have walked on the Mac over the past few days. Individually that is. Not all at once.

  3. And this harmony has been achieved in just two weeks? Impressive! For some reason,
    I had assumed Licorice and Saffron were litter mates.

    • Licorice and saffron are sisters from different litters.

      This harmony has been achieved in 4 days! We have two weeks to go to progress further. I’m very happy. Didn’t think I was going to be able to let them mingle for hours at a time. Still segregated for sleep time as I don’t trust saffron and licorice not to dong the young upstarts when they run out of patience.

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