Who’s afraid of the wheelchair wolf?

Gesso the parrotI know it’s hard to believe with photos such as the one on the left but sometimes cats are afraid of wheelchairs. Or so the people at Cat Protection Society tell me. It sounds plausible. I’ve seen dogs look timid around Andrew; four-legged friends who won’t get close.

As I’ve said before, Pickle and Gesso have no such issues. Gesso’s latest trick is to climb the back of the wheelchair. If Andrew hasn’t wiggled in to properly, he needs to be careful as Gesso seems to leap into the chair, trying to beat him to it; causing a white furry lump between Andrew and the backrest.

Last night, when Gesso climbed up the chair and was at the back of Andrew’s neck, I immediately reached for my phone.

Don’t take a picture, help me get him off!

As I was determined to get my picture before I performed any rescue, Andrew tried to ‘shake’ him off on his own by leaning forward. This strategy didn’t work. Gesso didn’t move!

So there you have it – Gesso the parrot. (He’ll have a degree in piracy before too long. He already frequently engages in trespassing and petty theft; it’s not too much of a step up.)

Another one of Gesso’s personalities, is Gesso the placid. It’s best described in this video (I apologise for the poor quality). It takes a special kind of cat; a chilled cat; one cool cat to let you hold them upsidedown like a baby. Both Gesso and Pickle like to do this. I’ve tried it on Licorice and Saffron. It doesn’t work for more than 5 seconds.

If you are unable to view the video, try here on the direct link to flickr.

Lastly, I had to share a third aspect of Gesso’s personality. It’s the ‘Kate’ impersonation. (Named after Kate Winslet riding on the front of the titanic). This isn’t the best video as he moves quite a bit in it (often he doesn’t move at all). Nevertheless you get the idea.

So here is Gesso the mobile.

Again, if you have difficulty seeing the video, you can view through flickr directly.


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  1. What a cheeky, but oh-so-cute puddy tat. Our Toby who died a few years back, liked nothing more than to wrap himself around your neck like a big woolly collar. If you bent down to pick something up, up he’d jump and he was no small cat either :o) http://flic.kr/p/akGNYJ

  2. Thanks for sharing the photo. I see what you mean about him being ‘not small’. He’s Licorice sized!

  3. He’s a brave little thing isn’t he, with quite a strong sense of self by the looks of things.
    Is it adult cats who are afraid of wheelchairs when they encounter them for the first time?
    Both Cat and Not Cat like/d the upside down thing.

    • I think it’s more likely to be adult cats but it seems to be a temperament thing. Pickle and Gesso are both confident boys. Saffron and Licorice were initially a little wary of Andrew but they improved once they realised he was good for a cuddle.

  4. cats tend to be cautious about new things and people and things that move unpredictably, so a new wheelchair is all at once.

    If you can’t break the habit, perhaps a nice shelf and cat bed on the back will at least get him off of the back and shoulders. Once of my cats will jump to the back of my desk chair from time to time.

  5. I imagine the fear is because the wheelchair is an unknown quantity, and cats can show wariness of the most ordinary household object when it appears to be unknown?

    Most of my cats have liked being held like a baby, although there may be a bit of a struggle when you first put them into position, then they relax and enjoy it.

    Gesso is a product of his environment. Doing a Kate is the most normal thing in the world for him. I imagine he could be that ‘kitten sitting on a tortoise’ in the advert, if you had a tortoise 😀

  6. I think the advert is for a global brand, and I can remember the music, and the kitten on the tortoise, but not what the advert is for 😀

    Tortoises are very expensive in the UK now, around £200, and there’s another £200-300 for the vivarium, lights etc. No more putting it in a cardboard box for winter either. I don’t know whether it was anything like that in Australia?

    By coincidence, I’ve just seen this on Icanhascheezburger.com: http://youtu.be/pHIwE3qUzrw

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