2012 Genre a Month Challenge: Nature Photography

Sunset over the Redfern towers

Thank you mother nature for turning on a cracker of a sunset this evening. I’ve not seen one this colourful for a long time; perfectly timed too as I’m focusing on wildlife and nature photography this month.

I’ve learnt, quickly, that wildlife photography is very difficult so think I’m doing three-quarters nature. Even then, it’s tough to get an image which captures the true colours. I’m pleased to say that I haven’t altered the colours in this photograph and aside from a slight straighten, I’ve not cropped it either. Nature is so unpredictable. When I got out to photograph a sunset, sometimes she lets me down. Then when I sit on Andrew’s couch watching Kevin McCloud’s Slumming It not intending on doing any photography, I look out the window to find this beautiful saffron organza stretched across the sky.

So, where are your Wildlife and Nature Photographs for the 2012 Genre a Month challenge? Is anyone with me? If so, please post a link in the comments. [Since writing this blog post; I’ve now made a special page. Paste your comments and links here.]  My only condition is that the photograph be taken for the challenge, please don’t link old photographs. I’d like to think that the images posted are ones taken with a view to learning more about the genre of the month.

With several weeks in January left, there’s plenty of time to get snapping before I move on to next’s month’s theme: Travel Photography.

So c’mon, share, otherwise I’ll feel very lonely!


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  1. That was really what your sunset looked like! Wow.
    I shall post something, but remember it is winter here, so the days are short. If I stick to your rules and only post something taken this month it may be rather dull. Will try to sneak out before dark later.

  2. Really hoping to join in with my limited daylight hours!

  3. Nothing to share seeing i never take pics. But i can recall many frustrating hours looking at the most daggy pics. of beautiful orchids at Judges meetings. Cannot even display the most viewed orchid pic. in the WSOS Gallery because of the criteria.
    On another note, there is always a silver lining. It might be the middle of winter in England, but at least you can go outside without being fried by the sun. Max temp to be only 22C but the UV is forecast is EXTREME.

    • Hmm… you don’t have to remind me dad. Remember when I was taking those photos at your place last week outside? Well, that night, I noticed I was sunburnt. I can’t have even been outside 20 minutes and I had pink on the back of my neck. I’ve been more cautious this past week.

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