The secret to increasing blog traffic

I’ve discovered the sure fire way to increase traffic to your blog. Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s that Search Engine Optimisation stuff? Nope. You’re wrong. Oh, then it must be about appropriate tagging. No. Wrong Again. Commenting on other blogs? Try harder I say!

You’ve got it? Really? You know my secret to increasing blog traffic? Ok, then tell me.

Sigh. Deep breath. No, it is not posting an unbearably cute cat picture. Good guess though. A little dose of cat cuteness never did anyone harm.
Reach out
It’s ok, you can stop guessing. I’ll tell you. Ready? It’s putting ‘disability’ in the title of your blog post. Well, it was either that word or the word ‘dating’.

So you see why I concluded that it must be disability. After all dating is such a nauseating, off-putting activity that I can’t imagine hundreds of people would want to read about it. Even the sound of the word is ugly. DATE-ING. Did you shudder? Did you imagine awkward cafe meetings where both of you are saying to yourself ‘get me out of here this is not going well?’ For me the word conjures up images of trying to look at your watch without looking like you’re looking at your watch because knowing what time it is is sure going to get you out of the situation faster. Nope, it must have been disability. That’s such a fashionable, sexy word. It’s a no brainer.


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  1. Geez…I showed up for the cute cat photos! 🙂

  2. I have consistently found that the most viewed post of mine and the most common search word for my blog are….’Wanna Buy Some Paper’ and STATIONERY. It’s really ridiculous the amount of views I get because of these! In fact, it has started to annoy me now so I removed the tags from the offending post but they still find me!!! What is it about stationery??!!

  3. I did a post on Cordwainer Smith’s SF story “Game of Rat and Dragon” and I now get a pretty regular set of search hits on “Dragon Man and Rat Woman Love Connection”

    I have not tried to figure out what that comes from.

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