Gesso’s rite of passage

I is cute

Gesso, I would never do anything naughty, Grant

I’m trying to imagine the scene. My partner has set himself up for a relaxing night of painting. He’s squeezed out a little of all the colours he needs onto his palette. He starts to paint.

Who knows how far he got into the painting zone before the 5 month old white kitten decided to leap onto the paint palette.

I think someone must have told Gesso that it’s customary to get your paws wet from time to time. Chilli, Licorice, Saffron and Pickle have all done it before him.

Unlike his brothers and sisters in crime, Gesso chooses a nice muddy earth pigment to squish his paw in. This is good news for the cleaner-upper-er. Previous kitty cats have chosen something high staining like phthalo blue or quin crimson.

So, white paw goes into raw umber. Andrew has to quickly catch him before he leaps off and takes that glob of brown paint with him onto the carpet. Catch him he does. Well done. Perhaps I can get Andrew into a cricket team and he can cover the Silly Point position.

Slippery cat in hand, now what?

I’m trying to picture how he managed to wheel anywhere while still trying to hold on to Gesso. I’m guessing he tried one handed, which is a good way to direct oneself quickly into the wall. Trying to move the wheelchair with one hand reminds me of playing Wii Canoe – frequent side swapping required if you don’t want to go in circles!

Of course it wasn’t that simple. The little white rascal, now proudly sporting one brown paw, escaped. He took off, running the length of the house.

Somewhere in the ensuing moments Andrew got red oil paint on his hands; when he caught the little white devil, he was now a white and red devil.

More laughable than a guy trying to hold on to a cat covered in paint and push a wheelchair is the idea of him giving same cat a bath in the laundry tub! Would pandemonium adequately describe the scene?

It’s like one of those bad jokes:

What’s worse than bathing a cat?

Bathing a cat covered in red oil paint.

Gesso's new colour This is the result.

Gesso in a pretty shade of pink neckwear.

While part of me wants to have been witness to havoc and lawlessness Gesso imposed on the house for the briefest of moments, the other part is happy to be in my own little unit, with my own furry friends who have never got quite so dirty in paint that they have required more than a sponge-off.

I know that the Cat Protection Society (where Licorice, Saffron, Pickle and Gesso all came from) has an ‘art’ auction annually and gets their residents of the day to do some of the artwork. I think Andrew and I could save them the effort and just collate Gesso’s work through the next year. This is the second time in less than a month that he’s made contact with wet paint. It won’t take long to get an exhibition worth!


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  1. He’s a goldish white isn’t he, sort of pale butter. I like his pink splodges, but even more, I like the way Pickle’s paws are so close by him. Do you think Pickle is aware that Gesso can’t hear?

    So far I have been spared paw prints in paint, though both Cat and Not Cat have frequently marched muddy paws across clean white bed linen.

  2. Oops!

    We had a cat who managed to track white gloss paint over some French polished chairs. Her pawprints remain, 30 years after the event.

  3. Prussian Blue is a real pain to get out of anything! LoL at the story of how Gesso became the Pink Panther 🙂

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