Unimpressed Exelpet

I am licorice, I am fat

Starving. Fading away to a shadow. Thats what Licorice and Saffron would have me believe.

I supply food. It’s gobbled. I get glared at… it’s clearly not enough.

In an attempt to satisfy my own mind that the girls CANNOT be hungry, I bought some worming paste. I read the packet. Yes, enough for a 5kg cat. Umm… I bought 2 to start. I expected a syringe the size of an everyday biro. WRONG. Exelpet supplied one of those super-chunky biros – you know the kind that has 4 colours in one? Not only that, it was filled with considerably more paste than I had anticipated. I read the instructions. Squirt between back teeth. Some cats may salivate.

Licorice was first. Lucky Licorice. Crash tackle. Good grip. Squirt! Phew… that’s over with. WRONG! To my horror there was still at least half the tube left, if not more. Given she had managed to dribble some of it out of the right side of her mouth I tried again on the left.

Nope. Still had about half a tube. By this stage there was no way Licorice was going to let me have a third go, so I decided to give Saffron a go, leave it a bit and then give the two of them the other half each – LATER!

Saffron's tummyI squirted it in Saffron’s mouth and within seconds she had the most horrid drool coming out. At this point, I felt really awful for subjecting them to this and I gave up. (I did clean up Saffron’s froth first).

Needless to say I have not touched the second tube and have no intention of doing so.

Oh… and they’re still hungry.
Pickle hiding under the chairs


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  2. I give Not Cat Drontal worming tablets; one every three months. He’s very good about it.
    It used to take three of us; the vet, the vet nurse and me, as well as wrapping him in a bath towel, to give Cat his worming tablets.
    At the risk of becoming a tad repetitive about suggesting different sites you can rush round and look at – first valzone, then sweetdays – Sophie Scott had a problem with one of her weight. here’s one f her posts about it:
    Are your girls indoor cats? If so, you should surely have seen evidence of worms, if there are any, in the litter tray. Or doesn’t it work like that.

    • Thanks for all the suggestions. Drontal sounds like the go. My girls are indoor only and there is nothing unusual in their litter trays, I just decided to do it as a precautionary measure as they think they are hungry! When I first put them on the light food I was very very strict. They both lost weight. I think they’ve learnt if they yowl and drive me batty that I might be weakened and hence they keep doing it. I shall just have to be really strong.

      Kerry – I’m just relieved that I don’t have to give my cat an inhaler! That would be a battle.

    • Just checked out that link Isobel. I can relate to the chewed up packets and the self service in the cupboard. Thanks for the link.

  3. Cats hate being medicated. That being said, we do apply an inhaler to Carly–our asthmatic cat–twice a day. She’s really awfully patient about it most of the time (and it’s made a huge difference to her quality of life; she never coughs anymore). But I’ve never seen the sense in pointing to the exception and calling it the rule. I can’t imagine trying to do this with any of our other cats.

  4. I’m a fan of Drontol Tabs, it’s broad spectrum and gets the job over and done with quick.

    Mind, my now departed Oska was a huge boy, he needed two tabs. The first always went down no trouble, but on one occasion he managed to keep tab number two in his mouth a fraction too long and in no time he look like he had rabies, he foamed at the mouth for a good while, and my goodness… how much drool can a cat produce? Poor love.

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