Isobel’s egg

Alice acquires an egg

Original Mixed Media Alice inspired painting

Thanks to a comment from Isobel, I got very bold and painted over a significant chunk of the Alice painting on the right, so that I may insert an egg. I know that Isobel was demonstrating her sound knowledge of Alice and Wonderland with her suggestion of a rattle or an egg. While humpty dumpty was clearly what she had in mind, an appropriated image from Dali was what immediately leapt into my head. It’s still bothering me though because I feel like the painting is divided in two by the addition of the egg. It is competition with Alice for your attention rather than a complement for Alice. I’m not sure the egg will survive for too long. I’ll sleep on it though. The thought. Not the egg. I don’t fancy a pillow full of eggshell.


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  1. Ooh an hon mensh!
    I like the egg. It’s pale, so it doesn’t brood or dominate. A place where story ideas hatch out?

  2. Very intriguing piece–just captivating.

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