2012 Genre A Month Photography Challenge

365 day creative challenge? Umm… no. Postaday2012? Too adventurous. But after my moaning about my 80% completion of the Alice painting, the knitting, the sewing and many other things, I feel a target is order. I was recently reading The Complete Photographer by Tom Ang. He details a number of different photographic genres. It gave me the idea that choosing to focus on one genre each month was probably achievable. This is a personal challenge but if anyone else would like to join me for moral support, I welcome you. (Andrew doesn’t know it yet, but he’s already joining me!)

So here’s my plan:

  1. January: Wildlife & Nature Photography
  2. February: Travel Photography
  3. March: Landscape Photography
  4. April: Event & Milestone Photography
  5. May: Fashion & Nude Photography (I’m opting for the former!)
  6. June: Sports Photography
  7. July: Portrait Photography
  8. August: Documentary Photography
  9. September: Abstract Photography
  10. October: Macro Photography
  11. November: Urban Landscape Photography
  12. December: Pet Photography

If you are participating in the Genre a Month Photography Challenge, please post a comment including a link to your efforts on this page.

I almost made that last one ‘cat’ photography as they are the only pets I have!

Many of these subjects are in Tom Ang’s The Complete Photographer, a few are ring-ins.

I’m already doubting how I will achieve this. Is it ok just to have one photograph a month on topic? Yes, I will allow myself this! If I have several, all the better! I keep thinking that Wildlife & Nature Photography may not be the easiest to select in January. Firstly, it’s usually stinking hot in January (I’m in Australia) and most wildlife is well served hiding under a rock. Secondly, I’m not going to a zoo in January so that means I have to find some wild wildlife, so to speak. I made February Travel as I am going away for a short period. I could have equally made it Event & Milestone photography as it is Andrew’s 40th birthday.

The only one I think may be near impossible is ‘Sports Photography’. I really don’t do sports. When Andrew reminded me that his place is very near a football oval, I decided to retain the genre. It may be good for a laugh!

So, I think my Canon 550d is going to have a workout in 2012. Wish me luck!

January: Wildlife & Nature Photography

My first  and second efforts at wildlife lead me to pursue more of the nature route as at least it didn’t move as much (windy days aside). My three favourites for the month:

Sunset over the Redfern towers

Nature meets man

Insect Kuringai Chase National Park


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  1. I’ll try to join in with this one, but I may need a bit of guidance. What is documentary photography? Some of them must be able to overlap. Is a cat unfettered by costume or collar, nude? Is abstract photography like when I played with the rose hip photo?

    • I’ll be sure to write a little about each genre at the start of the month. Documentary photography is where the imagery is capturing a slice of life. Often it pertains to photojournalism such as war photography, political subjects – think JFK, Martin Luther King, or very historic moments. Yet it can also be the stories of people like you and me. I’ll have a look through some of my photos and see if I can post a few examples of what I consider to be documentary photography at some point.

  2. Woohoo. My first partner in crime! Thank you Isobel.

  3. I’ll give it a go too – sounds like fun! As today is 30th January, and I’ve only just heard about it, via IsobelandCat, is it ok if January’s entry is a little late off the starting blocks?! Hope so!

    Don’t know if that posted – been having trouble with my links etc. Will try again just in case! My last comment to IsobelandCat ended up in the spam-can!
    Writing from the Edge

    If you end up with 25 replies from me, PLEASE delete them!!

  4. Hi there! I’ve just posted my pictures for January. Sorry they are late!
    Do you have a ‘link’ page, or is it ok to leave the link here?
    I’ve probably broken all the rules – sorry – you’ll have to put me right!


    • Hi Lorely,

      It’s you who has put me right. I wasn’t really clear on where people should paste the links! So I’ve now made up my mind and made a separate page on the blog. I’ve gone back through my posts last month and added a hyperlink in each one.

      As I couldn’t move your comment, I’ve put a hyperlink on the actual page.

      Thanks for participating.

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