Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

Self Portrait. 21:47. Four days before Christmas. Slight headache.Procrastinating. Yep. I think my face captures that.


Posted on December 21, 2011, in Photography and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I read the post on my phone this morning, but could not see the photo or comment. This looks very theatrical! Did you put a link on the daily post too?

  2. I’m not even sure how to put a link on the daily post. See… I told you. I’m blog challenged!

  3. Simple. Just copy the URL from your browser when your post is open or copy the short link when you are in edit mode and copy it into the comment box of the daily post photo challenge.
    Let me know if you do it!

  4. welcome to challenge :).

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