Sleeping ornaments

Gesso and Pickle playAndrew has a new theory. Cats bounce off the walls for the first year of life before they become sleeping ornaments for the next 19.

I remind Andrew that when Pickle was little, he told me frequently how he couldn’t wait for him to grow up so he’d settle down! How quickly he forgets that we adopted Gesso, in part, to wear Pickle out. It has evidently worked. Pickle either sleeps far more than he did before, or we just needed a kitten to make us realise Pickle had lost some of his kittenhood. Now that Pickle has matured to ‘sleeping ornament’ status, he has the pleasure of added cat hair to numerous surfaces in the house. Previously, he didn’t sit still long enough to leave a ginger carpet trail wherever he went.

At the moment he is the only ornament adorning the house. We have no tree or decorations and I have managed to keep them out of my office (unlike last year when I was working at a different Organisation and they had compulsory desk decorating… oh yes, I remember I had to make ‘crocodile’ eyeballs from table tennis balls for the ‘aussie’ Christmas theme). This year there has been no ‘slowing’ in the Christmas lead up. Rather, we are all running for the end of the week, at which point we will all collapse and not from drinking too much Christmas brandy.

Just today there was a flurry of activity in the office with a news crew filming a cochlear implant ‘switch-on’. It was something to do with media activity aimed at increasing the awareness of pregnant women about CMV. Like toxoplasmosis, this is one of those conditions which have little effect on mum – perhaps a slight ‘cold’. Yet CMV can have a lasting impact on the child including, hearing loss, vision loss or development delay. A link was sent around the office this afternoon with one woman’s story. She makes a very good point. Most pregnant women these days are aware of risks associated with soft cheeses and some meats. Iron levels, alcohol intake and diet – all frequently discussed topics – but how often do you hear people talk about CMV? My bet would be not often enough. Hats off to her for trying to raise awareness. If I had 1 year old twins, a 3 year old and a 5 year old I think I’d be too exhausted to do anything!



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  1. That is the most adorable picture. And a lovely post. I also am looking forward to Not Cat calming down. Yet his energy and enthusiasm are inspiring, and frightening,
    How come no one else has commented here? How are you tagging this?
    Yours is such an interesting blog. Far more people should be commenting.

  2. Isobel, I am a database manager by day but I really know very little about blogging! I have about 10 followers and I do put tags on but perhaps I’m going about it the wrong way!

    How old is Not Cat?

  3. I don’t really know about blogging either. I am just playing! But I have found wonderful photos and thus other bloggers through looking at posts tagged photography. I realise most of the people I visit regularly are animal lovers.

  4. Forgot to answer your question. I reckon Not Cat is about eighteen months. But I do not now.
    He is still young enough to find it exciting if I sit non the floor with my legs steepled so he can use them as an arch. Such an adventure!

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