Black Gesso Art by White Gesso

Gesso and his pink paws

Yesterday I got a text message.
It read:

White gesso + black gesso = grey wet sorry looking gesso

Gesso's not so pink paws

Upon receiving that photo I replied.

Prints eh? What’s he under arrest for?

The answer came back:

Trespassing Belgian Linen

Gesso's art work


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  1. I think I get the picture, but I wouldn’t mind a greater explanation.
    BTW found another great blog

  2. Gesso is like a primer that you paint onto a canvass, it’s generally white. We called our new white kitten gesso also, and yesterday, while I was painting my really expensive/self indulgent new canvass made from the finest belgian linen with some new black gesso that Alyshia had given to me, the little kitten jumped on it while I had my back turned, so I scooped him up and went to wash him clean in the sink ( not knowing if black gesso was toxic or not) he turned out grey, and half his regular size, no harm done, just another day of kitten capers.

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