Master of cat observation

This morning, I have to say a big thank you to Isobel and Cat for posting a video from ‘Simon’s Cat.’ I laughed and laughed. Unfortunately for my download limit, I then clicked on the youtube channel and laughed some more. I particularly like this one. Andrew wonders why I… the able bodied person… am slow to answer the telephone. Well, this video tells you why. And just remember – Licorice is about 7kgs. There’s no moving her in a hurry!


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  1. If I am responsible for introducing Simon’s Cat to you, I am very proud!

    My favourite is Cat Man Do, as apart from the painful ending, Cat tried just about al the methods to wake me to let him out in the predawn.

    I think everyone who has a cat watches and at some point says, “that’s my cat!”

  2. Yes, Isobel, Licorice was up for a little ‘can man do’ action this morning. Who needs an alarm clock, eh?

  3. It’s the poor pathetic miaow that penetrates even the deepest sleep that works best.

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