The all rounder

Recently, while assembling IKEA furniture, Andrew proudly proclaimed that he’d never had such an ‘all rounder’ as a girlfriend. I looked at him strangely and he went on to explain that previous girlfriends had perhaps a mastery of one area (e.g. cars) but that’s all they knew. I suppose he was hinting I was a ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’

I think my skills have been stretched over the past couple of years because I’ve had to do certain things as Andrew couldn’t. As a work friend said to me – he has the idea, you have to carry it out!

The one that springs to mind quickest is the great dog rescue. Here was I – a girl who has been scared of dogs most of her life – on a country road with a stray dog. He had been running across the road repeatedly and I’d managed to grab his collar and I wasn’t letting go. However he didn’t want to walk into the car. Andrew says to me ‘you’ll have to pick him up. Has he still got his balls?’


‘Ok, well scoop up his back legs and put him in. He won’t bite you.’

I readied myself, grabbed him, got him in the car, leap into the passenger seat myself and shut the door fast.

‘Good job flip!’


‘He could have bitten you.’

Swear words followed at Andrew’s deception. But it wasn’t over. We weren’t exactly in the middle of town. So we had to drive in to Mittagong shops. Andrew waited in car with said dog while I made a dash to Kmart or Target to find a dog lead. Of course, it would be too easy if we had found an open vet in Mittagong (just under 1 ½ hours south of Sydney).

And so it was, that we had to drive all the way back to Sydney with this very lively dog to find an vet to get him checked for a microchip. He didn’t have one, so Andrew decided that he would have to drive him back to the Bowral area the next day. Only problem in that plan was that he was too strong for Andrew to control on the lead. [Just as my friend said – he has the idea, you have to carry it out!’

Without him saying it, I knew I had to stay the night and it was going to be a long one. One large excitable dog in a bedsit. Need I say more? Anyway, it all ended well. Andrew drove him back to his local area the next day in the hope that his owner would come looking for him (which I’m pleased to report, he did).

Today, Andrew decided he’d add a new skill to my repetoire – bird rescues.

Little Gesso had been sneezing and needed to go the vet this afternoon. So we ventured off with him initially in the cat carrier. However, he wailed and cried something dreadful. As soon as I took him out of the box, he was quiet. Andrew had asked me to come along as he wasn’t familiar with where the vet was or what the disability access would be like. Lucky he did because when we got there, we – and the vet clinic – discovered that their ‘disabled access door’ was locked and the key could not be found. Never mind. I went in got Gesso his medication and we scurried back into the car out of the 32 degree heat.

I took Gesso straight out of the box and he almost went to sleep in my lap as we were driving. He was so relaxed, we even made a detour through the local drive through for refreshment.

So it was with Gesso in my lap headed home, that Andrew swerved to miss a bird sitting on the road. It was clear there was something wrong and the bird was not going to move.

In true Andrew style, he says – ‘we have to go back, someone’s going to run it over.’

‘We need a cloth to pick him up.’

Realising we had nothing, Andrew took off his t-shirt, did a u-turn and sped back up the road all the while watching the oncoming traffic and hoping they too would swerve.

I scurried across the road, scooped up the bird and got back in with now a cat cage and a bird. Gee… what a combo.

We get to Andrew’s place –

‘right… take the bird upstairs and put him in the bedroom away from the cats… oh, and can you get my a t-shirt. Thank god for tinted windows.’

I did so but after getting the wheelchair from the car, I chickened out of this whole scenario: ‘you deal with the bird, I’ll supervise the cats.’

I’m pleased to say that with some water and quiet organized by Andrew in a few hours the bird was far more spritely. We put the box on the balcony, opened the door and let it fly away when he was strong enough. Fly away he did.

Meanwhile, friendships were being forged in the cat department.

I must admit to moving Gesso a little closer to Pickle while they were both asleep to take the above photo. In the two pictures below – they had put themselves there – no human intervention.


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  1. Amazing story – and now I know your relationship with Andrew!
    And what lovely pix.
    I amy need to foster a friend’s elderly cat for a few weeks if he Not Cat will tolerate each other.

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