Primordial souvlaki and other suburban tales

‘The road is there to share.’

This is the new road safety campaign regarding cyclists. Personally, I’m happy to share. Last week, I shared patiently as a cyclist rode in the dead centre of the street in front of me. I did not beep. I did not swear. I repeated to myself ‘the road is there to share’ as the car behind me beeped his horn for a full two blocks and tested my patience. Yet, there are some cyclists that are testing my patience too. I think these lycra loving green machines should make up their mind. If they want to share the road, they can share the road rules too. Last I looked, it wasn’t ‘stop at red lights’ unless you’re a cyclist, in which case ‘do what you like.’ Or my other favourite – ‘no right turn’ – apparently cyclists are exempt.

These two-wheeled urban rats are not the only thing puzzling me lately. I’ve begun to wonder about a shop called ‘Advanced Souvlaki’. Everytime I drive past I wonder whether they named it ‘Advanced Souvlaki’ for fear people might think it was primordial souvlaki, or multi-coloured souvlaki or hypnotic souvlaki.

Yesterday I took this photo of pickle which has been wondering whether he has been dining on the primordial souvlaki. What is it with that leg behind his head? I assure you he hasn’t grown a fifth limb. I checked. Perhaps this is some kind of inter-cat communication code. If so, I wonder what it means?

I suppose an update on how the ginger terrorist is liking his new little friend. As I write this, they are doing battle on the couch next to me. There are signs of a blossoming friendship, in between the odd crash tackle.

Andrew continues to laugh at me for talking to Gesso. ‘Yes, speak to the deaf cat. That will get you a long way.’ I doubt he expected my seemingly considered response of ‘when communicating with someone who is blind they can’t see your body language but you still use it because it influences the tone of your voice. I talk to Saffron. I talk to Licorice. I talk to Pickle (though he never listens). I WILL talk to Gesso too.’ I got the ‘fair enough, you’re cracked’ look.

Gesso is proving to be a very affectionate addition to the household. He has a habit of perching on Andrew’s knee as he walks around the household (as pictured). Andrew has described this as the ‘Kate Winslet in the titanic’ pose. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to matter how quick he wheels, Gesso stays there! I just hope his standing on the bow is the only correlation between Gesso and Kate’s performance in Titanic.


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  1. That’s a very happy tail Pickle is wearing in the bottom pic.

    I see from the first that he is less like Not Cat than I first thought, but they have the same colour pads and nose.

    I cycle too, and try not to inconvenience car drivers ( I am one as well) but it amazes me how hen I stop and give way to an oncoming car when there isn’t room for both of us in a crowded side street, how very few acknowledge me or even look at me.

    Courtesy cuts both ways.

    Keep talking to Gesso. He’ll learn to read your face!

  2. Whilst Gesso is a sweetheart, Pickle is a very handsome boy (I have a thing for Ginger toms too :-D)

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