Introducing Gesso

Pickle now has a friend. The family is complete. Introducing little Gesso.

Andrew and I have discussed over a number of months the pros and cons of getting a second cat for pickle. On the ‘cons’ side were space, cat boarding while away and the risk they wouldn’t get on.

Space resolved itself as an issue with the recent move. The place is now certainly large enough for two, with access to the litter trays still off the ground. With the bathroom the way it is, the trays can be emptied from the wheelchair or standing.

With regard to cat boarding, while I think putting saffron and licorice in boarding would stress Saff out no end, both Pickle and Gesso are relaxed enough to cope.

This left the last problem – the risk they wouldn’t get on. Well, I guess that’s a risk anytime you put two cats together. Since Saffron and Licorice were adopted as a pair, it was never a concern. However, this time it was. I’m happy to say that while Pickle is somewhat put out, the signs are encouraging.

Our intention – based on advice from Cat Protection Society – was to get a second cat of a similar age to Pickle and similar personality. Finding another cat who was confident enough to just sit in a chair as it moved across a room was going to be a challenge. For a time, it seemed like it was a challenge too great. We have both been reading the facebook profiles Cat Protection Society put up each week and both been shaking our heads – too old, too shy, wants outdoors, doesn’t like other cats, the list went on.

Finally on Sunday we met Gesso. We were intending to look at a 1 year old female however upon arriving at Cat Protection Society we discovered she was no longer available. There was 1 other option – another 1 year old girl. As we went out to look at her, we passed this little guy.

‘He’s sweet’ says Andrew.

‘Oh, he must be homed with another cat or someone who is home all the time. He’s deaf.’

I’m not sure whether it’s the lack of hearing but he is pretty calm! He was unphased by the wheelchair and happy to be held up, down, upsidedown and sideways.

We had a raft of questions – what if they don’t get on? what about the size difference? what about them being two boys? if he was deaf did any other health problems go with that? As always, the girls at Cat Protection Society were more than happy to answer our questions. Part way through an adult cat leapt out of her cage unexpectedly and hissed upon seeing Gesso. This little white boy was unphased. That was all the proof we needed that he wasn’t going to be super stressed if Pickle was initially grumpy.

As it turns out, naming him was a lot harder than choosing him. The list was long. Early suggestions followed the deaf and ear theme. Cochlea, Shepherd, Drum, Beethoven, Van Gogh and more medical terms like atresia. For a time, Andrew really wanted Jeebus. The Cleaver. Sebastian. Marc Antony. Caesar. We then moved on to anything engine related given this little boy was found filthy and oily (possibly from hiding in an engine). We had sparkplugs, carburetor and castrol… which I quite liked. We then turned to facebook friends and they suggested the typical ‘white’ names – marshmallow, snowdrop and the like. In the end, I started reading websites. I had got up to L and still not found anything fitting when gesso popped into my head. (For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s pronounced jesso and it is a white paint which has been used for centuries as a ground for paintings. It often has quite a chalky look). I think it suits him perfectly.


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  1. Ah bless him. How are they all getting on?

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