Return of the ginger terrorist

Licorice and Saffron in the washing basket The picture of calm to the left will not exist tonight. The chances of Licorice and Saffron settling down quietly in the washing basket are diddly-squat. The ginger terrorist has returned. Poor pickle doesn’t know whether he’s arthur or martha. He’s had to come back while a series of workmen traipse through Andrew’s place tomorrow – including the pest man. While Pickle is by no means grouchy, he has misplaced his purr. I checked whether he’d left it in the car – after all, a purr can hide itself anywhere! It is something which seems to spring from nowhere, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a purr could hide between the seats; in the centre console, or under the foot pedals. Wherever it went, he managed to find it between here and Andrew’s place last time, so I should have little doubt he will do it again. Perhaps it never even made it out of the house. It might be trapped in the door together with ‘reflection cat’ – a creature Pickle has only just met. One thing is for sure – the purr hasn’t entered this house. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll survive a day or so without it.


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  1. Does he terrorise your two? I must get my ginger ninja indoors now.

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