Moving house: disability style

Moving house is up there on anyone’s list of stressful activities. Moving when you have a physical disability comes with a few added stressors. Most challenges can be conquered with a little of that disability ingenuity that I have come to love with Andrew. Yet, when all is said and done, he is still limited in his ability to lift objects and move them where they need go. As such, he had to do one of the most difficult things of all – accept help from wherever it was offered.

Wonderfully, it was offered in abundance. It came from friends, acquaintances and new neighbours. My favourite is the person who was overseas so volunteered their family to help! My father dug up gardenias and my mother was given chief ‘wrapping duties’ of delicate items such as the blind budgies scuplture. (Yes, even when mum would have tossed the item, she smiled and wrapped it as directed!)

Thanks to the kindness of so many, I shall sleep very well tonight knowing that Andrew is in a more accessible environment; his risk of falling in the bathroom or laundry now reduced. Next time sometime tells me how many terrible things are happening in the world, I shall remember this weekend and tell them that generosity and community spirit is alive and well.


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