The self packing cat

Assistance at the keyboardIt’s the end of a long week and Saffron and Licorice seem to be settling on the bed getting ready to ‘assist’ in writing my blog post… much like in the ‘photo booth’ pic on the right… impeding keyboard access!

Tomorrow I’m off to the Vintage Show at Canterbury racecourse. I’d like to say that I will be wearing a dress made from my newly acquired vintage patterns but alas no!

I have completed the top and bottom of the toile and now have to join the dress through the centre yoke piece.

The original pattern suggests top stitching this semi-diamond yoke shape into place. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it on the final dress but for the purposes of completing the toile and finding out if the pattern needs adjustment, I think I’ll just hand-baste the pieces together.

It’s not a fantastic photo but below is the toile in its current state. The original pattern has a side opening. While normally I’d leap at the chance to change it to a back zip given the sheer fabric I’m going to have to go the authentic route.

As this is only the toile, I’ve cut off some of the length – so don’t think this is the 1940s dress mini skirt style! As it is I think I’ll be lengthening the pattern because I’m sure that the average height of women in 1940 was shorter than today.

Meanwhile, over at chateau de Andrew, packing is in progress. Pickle is doing a good job of living up to ‘curiosity killed the cat’. So far he has checked out a number of packing boxes before deciding today to climb the tower of milk crates and settle in for an afternoon nap. Personally I think he’s done us a favour and packed himself for the move! PIckle packed himself


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