The Grand Winnebago

Do you remember in the end of the movie Sneakers when they each can have anything in the world and Dan Ackroyd’s character wants a Winnebago? I’m beginning to think that Andrew is Dan Ackroyd’s character in disguise.

This evening he announced that instead of a Winnebago he wants an ‘eco’-bago. I think I’m going to ban him from watching Grand Designs. Each week Andrew’s dream ‘home’ gets more and more bizarre. After watching a few episodes featuring the grass roof, Andrew thinks we could carpet the top of his Winnebago in grass. I point out this could be a problem when it rains (picturing a metal rectangular tin on wheels with dirt seeping down each side). So mister inventive says that we will just get a manhole to the ceiling which feeds into a giant cat run up there and astroturf for the girls + pickle, and there will be no issues of dirt. That is aside from the dashboard where he wants to have a mini vegie patch!

Mad, mad boy!


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