Alice the brunette

Alice's slow progressI have it on good authority that Alice Liddell had brown hair. For a moment this evening, my depiction included blue hair as I tried to take the ‘red’ out of the paint I’d put down. Perhaps I’m really trying to paint Alice as a granny!

I felt like I haven’t made much progress on this painting so put together the photos I’ve taken along the way. I’m very happy with the addition of the cheetah and the pocket watch. It seems to give the composition some balance. I also love the lion. The owl I think may be problematic as far as integration is concerned and I’m not happy with the ‘void’ to the right of alice’s back.

The colours here are not particularly realistic at the bottom of the painting as the light was shining on it causing it to dull. The dragon, dark shape and playing card re still as they were previously. Mum, I agree with you that the dark shape is a problem. The new blue shape (which is very hard to see here) breaks it up a bit but I still have to do something with it. So I’m calling for suggestions. I think I need to add a ‘thing’ rather than a shape. Suggestions welcome. Teapots, trampolines, tornados (oops… that’s Oz), bats, cats, slugs, pirate ships, pantaloons, popcorn or protagonists… please send me your thoughts!

Meanwhile over at gallery de Andrew it appears that photoshop is the tool of choice. The picture below is what just arrived on my email. Pickle and banana.


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