Anyone care for a rabbit?

Anyone for a white rabbit?

Horrified that Andrew has declared himself ‘less than an aficionado’ on Alice’s illustrators it’s time for a lesson.

The top row rabbits (left to right) have been created by Ralph Steadman, Iassen Ghiuselev, Lela Dowling and Suzette Broad. On the bottom row (left to right) are the creations of Robert Ingpen, Helen Oxenbury, Anne Bachelier and Mervyn Peake.

I love how one character can be brought to life by so many different artists. I didn’t realise until I started thumbing through my Alice books, cards and calendars that I had quite so many and that they are so varied. From comic book style, to naive art, to rich black pen sketches, each has their own little something to offer.

Andrew I hope you’re paying attention. There’ll be a quiz later about who drew what!


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