Re-writing of alice

Alice in progress Is there nothing more delightful than nonsense? I love it. I don’t care that there is not an owl in wonderland – there is now. At the moment I’m toying with the idea of introducing a tortoise into this ensemble… or a frog… or strangely a nude woman with a magnifying glass. (Hmmm… what would Freud make of that I wonder!)

To date this painting breaks a number of my conventions. I tend to avoid drawing anything in pencil as I fuss over it. However I needed Alice to look like Alice and not some mis-shapen raggedy anne and so went through the painstaking task of using a grid on the original picture and the canvas to get her close to right.

I’m loving the way the lion blends beautifully into the background. The owl on the other hand is a little too prominent and needs a few more layers of paint to soften him.

As for Alice herself, do you think she can have brown hair? Or is that sacrilege? There’s nothing in the original that says she was blonde as far as I know.


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