1940s pattern hunting!

Woohoo! I found some 1940s patterns today. I actually searched through over 2000 items on etsy to select these 3 patterns. There are more patterns out there than I thought however many are very similar or could be made from an adjusted modern pattern. These 3 were a little different and I couldn’t pass them up. My day got even better when one of the sellers I bought 2 patterns from emailed me a pic of a third pattern which was also a gem. My new purchases, all yet to arrive, are all below. To my delight, I could date all 4 of them to a year by using the pattern dating guide in “BluePrints of Fashion: Home Sewing Patterns of the 1940s” by Wade Laboissoniere. A book which has been drooled on whilst in my possession!

Blouse pattern Butterick 1939

1939 blouse pattern

Blouse pattern Butterick 1940

1940 Blouse Pattern

Simplicity Dress Pattern 1940

1940s Dress Pattern (Simplicity 1940)

McCall’s Dress Pattern 1944

1940s Dress Pattern (McCall's 1944)


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  1. Just gorgeous and very unique… Worth the search!

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