Licorice’s brush with aliens

My poor Licorice has a sore tummy. How she came to get this ugly wound on her belly is one of life’s little mysteries. Before anyone else asks – no it isn’t an abscess and Saffron didn’t bite her. It’s larger than a 20 cent piece and looks more like a burn according to the vet. The vet asked if I had a heater that Licorice had been near. A logical guess but not the cause. Saffron hogs the heater consistently! Licorice on the other hand loves her heat mat. It is a mat designed for pets and it says it will not overheat even if covered with something. So I started to wonder whether my heat mat was faulty. How could I test it? I didn’t want Saffron or Licorice sitting on it in case of further injury.

I have checked the outside of the mat looking for blood. Nothing was visible but a stack of black cat hair. I then checked the inside of the cover for scorch marks (thanks to Cat Protection for this suggestion; when you can’t see through cat hair, turn inside out! Why didn’t I think of that). Nothing there either.

With the mat all clear there was one thing left to try before I declared Licorice has indeed had a brush with aliens. I picked up the mat, set it down and sat on top of it myself. I got warm and toasty legs but certainly not hot enough to burn me.


It must be aliens.

(PS: The sore is healing well with the assistance of antibiotics and cream and Licorice remains in good spirits with NO IMPACT on her appetite!)


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