Weekend Road Trip: the Top 10

3 days; about 700 photos. I’m not sure how I accumulate so many and why I find it difficult to cull them, but it’s a fact: I do. So Andrew has challenged me to select my top 10 photos from the weekend. He hasn’t defined ‘top’… is it the best photograph, the most interesting subject, the most avant-guarde? Who knows. It took a huge effort. I started with about 40. I got it down to 21 ok, but getting it to the final 10 was tricky…

Rust on back of truck
1: Rusty Truck
This may seem a strange choice for my top 10. I selected it for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s not clear exactly what it is (the back of the cab of a white truck in the blue mountains). I think it could easily be mistaken for the bark of a tree.

Secondly I just love the texture and colour.

Thirdly, I took it while travelling at speed. (Andrew was driving). It’s often quite a challenge to get a clear picture when in the car. This is one of my better efforts.

2: The Sandstone Bricklayer
Laying sandstone: Blue Mountains highway

Being stuck in traffic due to roadworks turned into an opportunity! These guys were laying sandstone tiles up a retaining wall for the new road through the Blue Mountains. I was quite surprised that it was being done in the manner it was… guess I assumed it would be fake sandstone sheeting or the like.

Great job being done… perhaps this guy could at least be rewarded with a hat that fits?

3: Oberon; the 115km detour dog

The 115km Oberon dog

We took the scenic route for 115km. Our reward was this little dog; his curtain and his flag.

4: A grand entrance
Bathurst Gaol entrance
I’m positive that I’m not the first person to find Bathurst Gaol’s grand sandstone entrance to be memorable.

The gaol sits high on the hill and driving up to the main gates has that intimidating effect it’s original builders probably intended.

I had very little time to compose this shot. I’m confident the circular polarizer helped to create the richness in the blue background.

5: Bell River Church Brambles
Between Wellington & Orange I’m not sure whether there is a town of Bell River or just the creek called that. It’s between Wellington and Orange and littered with many derelict buildings and overgrown areas.

Thanks to Andrew I learn how to trick my camera into focussing on the foreground.

6: Weird Wellington Sculpture


This is just one ‘flower’ of a very large sculpture at Wellington. I’m sure there is much debate about whether it is an attraction or an eyesore.


Emu: Western Plains ZooOne of many photographs from Taronga Western Plains (Dubbo) Zoo.

I like the monochromatic style of this photograph.

These guys move quickly enough to present a challenge in photographing them yet they are such peculiar looking birds I wonder who could resist trying?

8: Siamang Monkey with Orange
Siamang Monkey: Western Plains Zoo

9. The Dish: Parkes

The Dish Parkes II

10. My lovable fool

My lovable fool

Convinced that one loses 70% of body temperature through the top of our head, Andrew emerged from the bathroom in the motel with what he assured me was the perfect solution. He’d located a plastic beanie which had kindly been left for us. I declined the offer of wearing it out to dinner.


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