10 reasons to consider a pair

Two-headed cat?
I get Cat Protection Society Updates on my facebook. I saw a pic today of a ‘pair’ of cats looking for a home together. It got me thinking about the advantages of adopting a pair.

Why consider two?

  1. You get twice as much love
  2. They put twice as much cat hair on your clothes. One cat deposits just enough for you to look messy. Two leave enough cat hair to make the fabric look textured – it was meant to be that way.
  3. You can justify purchasing more cat toys!
  4. When used as a lap warmer they cover twice the surface area of just one.
  5. If you are ever in doubt regarding a bump or a bubble, you have another cat for comparison. You may think I joke but I did ‘use’ my second cat for this reason recently. Saffron has a pinkish-purple lower lip. (Saffron is on the left in this photo): Sharing the washing basket IPeriodically I think Saffy’s aubergine lip is overly large. That’s when I scoop up Licorice (as much as one can scoop a 7 kilo cat) and check the size of her lip. I find it reassuring to find they are the same size. It’s just that Licorice’s lip is black. This pigmentation is consistent in her pallette whereas Saffron has a ‘tortie’ mouth as well
  6. If you buy cat food that one doesn’t like hopefully the other will eat it and it isn’t wasted.
  7. If you can’t decide on boy or girl, long-haired or short, fat or thin, dark or light – a two cat solution is the perfect antidote to your indecision.
  8. When you have two cats to lift you can exercise BOTH you arms
  9. Purchase two at the same time the second one is discounted! and lastly,
  10. They’ve got each other.



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  1. Headline news from here!
    “maxi cat covers mini mat.”
    Have your girls discovered their new heating mat?

  2. this is awesome! number 2 is my favorite.

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