And on the tenth day, I did sew…

Heirloom work Oh, 9 day fortnight, how I love thee! This time the 10th day has been used for sewing, painting and munching. Pictured is the heirloom work I’ve completed to use a centre panel for a vintage slip. The fabric is white cotton sateen with cotton lace insertion and embroidery using a winged needle. I’m delighted with the result. It’s delicate and ‘fancy’ without being frilly! My painting (pictured below) still needs more work. I’ve eradicated the double chin (present because I’d made the face too long not because I have one at this point); and attempted to move the lips to the correct position. Self portrait (unfinished) 23.5.2011 I want to know why lips are so difficult to paint. Unlike hair, I can’t just avoid painting them! Unless I develop a style this only incorporates individuals with no mouths. Perhaps someone would consider it a statement on silence. You never know what interpretation art critics are going to place on something. Fortunately for me the only critic I have to deal with is myself. In most areas that is indeed a most formidable critic but in the art area I appear to let myself off the hook more often.


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  1. to me the picture is asking a question with her eye. there may not be an answer but it is very sensative.

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