Chocolate croissants and autumn leaves

At last I have taken the plunge and moved my blog. It was previously connected to my brother’s blog I did love the kipili name as it was so nonsensical however as it was an offshoot, I was reliant on said brother for any upgrades to the wordpress in the background. So I’ve branched out and become the scroobious pip.

To the right is Edward Lear and his cat foss in 1885. Foss looks a little tubby don’t you think? I doubt there was such a thing as light cat food in 1885. Perhaps Edward and foss had a breakfast as lean as mine. I spent Sunday morning strolling up Erskineville road heading for the bakery. The autumn leaves are stunning at the moment. Wine, plum, beetroot, vermillion, rust, pickle, lemon – each way I look there’s a spectrum of colour. It just makes me want to whip out the paints and explore washes of rich warm earthy tones. I think it’s something about the cool weather which makes one ooze at the sight of any warm colour. It’s like the bakery… those sweets aren’t hot but the warm buttery coloured of the portuguese egg tarts next to the smell of coffee make one feel warm! I played it safe and opted for a chocolate croissant even though the strawberry and pecan strudels looked rather spectacular. I’m glad that we don’t wander up to the bakery for lunch every Sunday morning else I’d be adding a lump the size of foss to my middle quick smart.

The two lumps in this house are outstretched on the heat mat. If anyone is considering pampering their cat with a heat mat, “the original pet-mat” attached to a timer is a hassle free option. No sticking things in microwaves and hoping you don’t overcook the heat… no need to even consider whether it’s on or off with the timer. It’s pet pampering for lazy working people and I love it.


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