Ungrateful children

Hmmm… Saffron, I’m turning that heater off. Privleges have been removed for tonight. It is revenge for you throwing up; then peeing on my bathroom floor. I’m guessing you have your knickers in a knot tonight. Let me see… would that be because I left the house at 6:30am and came home at 8pm? I wasn’t out partying you know. I was working and then had to stop by supermarket to collect milk for “kitchen duty” at work. Saffron, aren’t you impressed by this domesticity? I’m guessing not.

While I’m on the subject of domesticity, I know that Oates say they ‘clean best’ but their marketing slogan doesn’t extend to ‘survive the longest’. I’ve just had my second mop head fall apart. Now, yes it does get a bit of use but surely mop heads are designed for that. I wonder what the average life expectancy of a mop head is? Well, I’m sure that if you add cat pee the mop is just doomed to have a shorter life span. Perhaps I should write to some animal shelters and find out what mop they use…

Mum, dad, I know you have been waiting for a blog post and probably hopeful of something a little more scintillating than this one… but there you go. Such has been my day. Actually it was a very good one, I just didn’t have much energy left at the end of it for Saffron’s idiosyncracies…


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