Naughtiness in a nutshell

Naughtiness in a nutshell

Did you know that there is a crisis in pistachio supply in Australia at present? Given pickle (pictured) loves to play fetch with a pistachio nut most evenings before bed, I am most concerned about this issue!

I know, I know. You have been waiting for me to update my blog and when I finally do so it is to alert you to a nut crisis. It’s ok mum, dad. You can thank me later. I know that it will be the most important news you hear this week.

Speaking of hearing, I’ve been learning a lot about it. I didn’t know that everyone’s hearing starts to deteriorate from the age of 35. After 10 and a half years working in the blindness / vision impaired sector it’s quite interesting to make the switch to hearing impairment. People can have eye tests every 2 years and generally once you hit 40 it is strongly recommended you do so. t I’ve not heard of people having regular hearing tests. Why do we check our eyes and not our ears? If I start to have trouble reading print then my access to communication is limited. The same happens with hearing. People start to miss parts of conversation… so why are they perceived so differently?


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