Two torties and the exercise god

I’m beginning to think that cats are much like very small children. Birthday arrives. Parent buys birthday present. Child plays with wrapping.

To be fair Licorice and Saffron do play with their toys however they suffer from infant attention span deficits and require constant adult intervention. My latest attempt at making play-time slightly more interesting is to hold the wii remote in my right hand and play tennis while in the other I have a cat toy: a stick with a long piece of elastic at the end of which is a piece of ‘prey’ (read stuffed little toy) which even chirps (i.e. has a bell). This is not a bad strategy. I get some exercise while Saffron seems to enjoy the unpredictable nature of the stick in my left hand. Licorice on the other hand is far more lazy and one has to concentrate on playing with her. Licorice’s version of exercise is to bat something which is no more than 2 cm from her face. If she need reach any further the toy is promptly ignored. I’ve tried to tell her that in multi-tasking wii and cat athetics I’ve sacrificed at least 50 points off my tennis rating. She doesn’t seem to care.


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