Ruffling the norm

Detail of ruffle foot use

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Some people consider wearing brightly coloured converse a fashion statement. This, is insufficient flamboyance for Andrew, who has taken to wearing one orange converse and one grey converse. However not satisfied with drawing the attention of strangers with his bi-coloured converse look, he has progressed to wearing two different shoes altogether. He claims that he is lighting his way to fashion freedom and individuality. I secretly suspect that a matching pair of shoes was not within reach – even with his favourite ‘grabber’ tool – and so he has opted for this bizarre combination. Whatever the reason, I laughed hysterically at his pioneering silliness and delighted in his ability to disregard the opinions of others.

I’m not surprised that pickle is turning out to be such an extraordinarily ‘different’ cat. After all, he is sharing a premises with Andrew. I have heard that some cats learn to play fetch. Pickle perhaps had heard this too and decided to make his mark be choosing a pistachio nut as his object of choice. He has diversified into sea shells and spent toilet rolls yet I remain sure the pistachio nut will continue to hold first preference for this furry little ginger terrorist.

He doned his disguise of sweet and calm kitten on the weekend, happily climbing into the canvas rucksack with his head hanging out the top. He stayed that way while I drove him to my place – unaccompanied. I have memories of swaddling a cat in a towel to drive 1 block to the vets and fearing feline escape was imminent. So it is with some surprise that I can drive pickle 10 minutes across town with him scarcely moving from his little ‘joey pouch’. The only thing he seems to dislike is the walk from my car through the carpark to my unit.

Once inside, Licorice and Saffron were initially fooled by pickles sweet demeanour. Perhaps it was that I hadn’t yet managed to remove him from the pouch and the girls only saw a head and thought a little nose to nose would be perfectly acceptable. The hisses came later!

You may wonder what any of this has to do with a picture of ruffled fabric. Well, nothing really. I started off intending to waffle about my new Janome ruffler foot – ala torture instrument – and somehow started with Andrew’s fiddle-de-dee footwear and have lost my way. No matter. Dad this next bit is about sewing. Yes, boring. So you can skip to the following paragraph. Right. Good. Now for anyone who actually wanted to know what the ruffler foot turned out here is an example. This was completed with the foot set to pleat 1 in every 12 stitches on a standard stitch length of 2.2mm. If I did it again I may try it at 2.4mm as I think it wouldn’t lose much from the effect but across a whole peasant/gypsy skirt it may cut down on the number of strips required. This has nothing to do with being skimpy on fabric use. It is motivated solely by the desire to cut less strips due to Saffron’s persistent assistance in this area. These strips are about 12 cm per completed layer. Little has been removed from the strip I cut as it is rolled hem at the top and just a standard three thread overlock on the underpart. To make this skirt, I think I’ve joined together strips amounting to over 19 metres in length. This is a couple more strips than I first anticipated as I ran out half way around the bottom layer. (Isn’t that always the way… like the bobbin exhausting itself 10 centimetres from the end!)

Dad, it’s safe to read again now. Sewing is over. Moving on to hog dogs, echo and narcissus. Yes, you read right. An unusual combination to be sure. Put those three with driving rain and a moody sunset and you have my trip home for the evening. I suspect that quite a number of Sydneysiders were saved the delight of leaky public transport this evening by their partners. Yet, I think I’d be fairly safe in betting that they were not treated to the story of Echo and Narcisuss followed by a hot dog from Harry’s Cafe De Wheels.

I didn’t know that Echo was a nymph in Greek mythology and certainly not that she had been fraternising with narcissus. After tonight’s little adventure I almost want it to rain ridiculous amounts tomorrow evening to see what other conversations await me.


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  1. A nymph is certainly more interesting than sewing. Went to orchid society meeting expecting only a man and his dog would turn up, but attendance was at normal levels, strange!

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