To Ruffle

Ruffler foot

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Ruffle. Verb and noun. 1. disturb the smoothess or tranquility of. 2. upset the calmness of (a person), 3. gather (lace etc) into a ruffle.

PIctured (right) is my newly acquired ruffler foot for my sewing machine. I was hoping that this evening there may be some use of this foot in achieving dictionary definition 3: to gather. However instead, Saffron came along and certainly disturbed any sense of tranquility I may have gained from smoothing out the fabric ready to cut… and after she started pawing at the piece I was trying to cut with a rollerblade, she most certainly upset my calmness. Given Saffron’s persistence I can only show you a photo of my ruffler foot and NO ruffles! I need to cut 17 strips of fabric for a gypsy/peasant skirt and so far I’ve managed 7. The first two or three were unimpeded. The fourth had saffron involvement but mainly at the end of the fabric I wasn’t cutting. The fifth involved trying to chew the ruler and sticking her paw right in front of the rollerblade (a scary moment). I ceased cutting for a while.

Saffron quickly lost interest and about 10 minutes later she was laying several metres from the fabric. I thought it was safe to cut the remaining strips. Grrrr. She assisted me in cutting the sixth and the seventh before I called it quits for the night.


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