Self Portrait sketch

2011-02-12 Self Portrait

Originally uploaded by scroobious_pip

I have ink stained hands.

I’ve been painting capsicums. Now I don’t mean literally putting paint on the capsicums, although that could be interesting. That’s almost a little alice like really… why the queen thought these capsicums should be red and they came out yellow so we are paintng them to fix them.

I doubt paint would stick to a capsicum anyway so it’s probably not going to take off as the next painting substrate. It also wouldn’t be very good to heat gun the paint dry on one of those things. It would be a new twist on char-grilled capsicum at least.

If you’re guessing I’ve nothing that intelligent or sensible to say, you would be correct. It’s 11:20pm. The cat has alarming taken up the best spot in the bed. Have you ever wondered whether the mattress makers of the world have been embedding magnets in their product… and the vets when they desex the cat put magnets in them too and that’s why all cats go horizontally across the bed and take up more space than they should? No? You really have never considered that? Well, you just must be odd.



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