Crouching pickle, hidden cactus


It’s only appropriate that this blog post contains the word cactus in its title.

Firstly because cacti are reknown for coping in hot conditions with little water. Well, if ever there was a week that only a cactus plant would survive without damage, it was Sydney this week. My lilli pilli trees are scorched and my golden robina is not so golden, having dropped many of its leaves killed by the heat.

Cacti are also known for prickliness. Parts of my body look like I’ve tangoed with a cactus this weekend. The culprit(s) are far cuter and take the form of Licorice, Saffron and Pickle (for any first time blog readers of mine, no… I’ve not been attacked by a swirl of treacly black goo, a shred of expensive cuisine or by the most uneaten McDonalds item ever. I’m referring to three cats.) I know that Licorice caused the triple track marks on my shoulder. It was her way of objecting to being placed in a cage. I did explain to her that I was evacuating her and Saffron for reasons of their own health however she was just too cranky to listen. The girls spent the weekend in my old – air conditioned – bedroom rather than remaining in the unit in the 40+ heat. I didn’t stick around to find out how much cooler my home was than outside. Rather, I evacuated myself to 4’s place and took my chances with the kitten, the fan and the ‘unsafe Saturday’ dinner.

A friend asked me whether ‘unsafe Saturday’ was something fit for public discussion. I assured her that it was quite ok as it only referred to the familiarity of foods landing on my dinner plate. As it turns out, this Saturday was more than safe as I opted out of dinner entirely, sticking with the entree of ryvita with french onion dip. It was too hot to eat a ‘proper’ dinner.

4 told me stories of how he coped with Queensland heat as a child. He said that we needed to acquire an movie set amid ice and by emersing ourselves in the film we would become engrossed and trick ourselves into feeling cooler. The first ‘ice’ movie which leapt into my mind was Titanic and that’s something I would object to being emersed in.

Instead I twittered and was drawn to this link from @Cindyvriend: 35 Incredible Photos Of Rain For anyone who enjoys artistic photography it’s well worth a look.

4 continued to try to distract me from the heat with stories of how he previously managed in the heat! I have to say that I did find his habit of working with a kitchen shift with 2 chef’s jackets relatively amusing. While he wore one, the other lived in the freezer until the coats got swapped.

Heat will do strange things to you. Far stranger than wearing jackets you’ve just retrieved from the freezer. I turn around at one point to see Andrew sitting on the bed with a soda water bottle carefully balanced on the top of his head. ‘What are you doing?’

He explained that he’d read the body lost 60% of it’s body heat through the top of the head. His thought was that by placing a cold item on the top of his head, perhaps he could make himself 60% cooler. A more sane person would probably question why he did not use a bag of frozen peas, or something more easily balanced than a 1.25L bottle of soda water, but sane I am not, so I let it go.

It wasn’t the only weird moment of the night. At one stage Andrew was standing next to the couch and I gave him a kiss during which he made a very strange noise. I wondered whether someone had been injecting me with garlic in my sleep because I didn’t recall eating any and there must be some reasonable explanation to him pulling away. Instead it was a case of hidden cactus. Pickle had chosen that moment to leap from under the cover of darkness that beneath the couch offers and bite Andrew’s toe! Normally we can see the crouching pickle getting ready to make his move, but this was a sneaky!

This post would possibly be better suited to having a pickle picture. Instead, I’ve opted for an updated version of the ‘three-amigo’ skeleton painting. This evening’s additions were mainly to the left most skeleton and even then, they were more use of the ‘artist’s eraser’ (white paint) than actual additions. Oh well, tomorrow is another day…


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