The day of the trikes

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Hmm… large yellow trike. Self-described ‘troll’ as chaffeur. Person with faulty legs; and passenger with weak stomach. We survived.

The ascent

Looking at the trike, I had not the faintest clue how Andrew was going to get onboard this yellow mutant motorbike. The website ( had said disability / wheelchair friendly and upon booking I had a confidence that it wouldn’t be an issue. Trevor (the self-described Troll) arrived to ask ‘where do you want to go?’ I looked at Andrew’s face and noticed that what he was thinking was the same as I – how the heck do I get on that thing!

It wasn’t easy but with a collaborative effort by Trevor and Andrew we were victorious. Even as we left Leichhardt, I remained nervous. I thought I’d found the perfect gift for someone who loved to ride motorbikes but could no longer courtesy of muscular dystrophy. It wasn’t until we were cruising across the ANZAC bridge when a very familiar smirk spread across Andrew’s face that I knew he was having a good time and all fears of falling out of the contraption had fallen away.

The tour

ANZAC bridge, Harbour Bridge, Kirribilli, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, The Rocks and back home via the harbour bridge. It was a perfect day for a ride and Sydney really is very beautiful. After living here all my life, I sometimes forget how breathtaking the opera house or the harbour bridge can be.

The troll

Hats off to Trevor our driver. I don’t know any bikies so all I can say is that Trevor looked the part; was a no nonsense sort of guy but at times also seemed like a gentle giant. I was impressed – and reassured – that our safety and level of comfort were a top priority.

The pizza

After surviving the trike ride in one piece, pizza was calling my name. However not satisfied with simply getting a pizza and sitting on the couch, 4 wanted to go for a short drive close to sunset.

The sunset

After much careful preparation – and pizza consumption completed – we both set about the serious task of taking photos. Before that could begin there was a minor panic in the car when a lens cap was misplaced. After a 10 minute search (without sniffer dog) the item was located. Catastrophe averted, it was time to take photos. Andrew tried and failed. His camera battery was flat! That left only one of us with a functioning camera, which – as I happened to be the one – suited me fine!


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