And then there were 7

Well to date there’s at least 7 people in Australia taking up Cate Bolt’s Eco Humanity Challenge. That’s 7 better than none. Thanks to everyone who has forwarded suggestions about where to shop. I’ll keep updating the previous blog post as they come through.

This weekend, I continued to sew my tone-on-tone embellished peasant skirt. It incorporates pieces of fabric from previous sewing projects in particular lining from an overcoat and black velveteen. In the fourth layer, I’ve added an embroidered white rabbit (based on the original tenniel drawing for Alice’s adventures in Wonderland). It’s the picture where the rabbit is dressed as a herald. He’s on the right and hiding in one of the folds. From a distance, it adds a splash of the highlight colour. Only up close will anyone know that the twitchy nosed one has made it to my skirt.

I also spent yesterday afternoon playing with a handmade article for a Christmas present. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what it is for fear the recipient may find out!


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