The Eco-Humanity Challenge



OK, I know what you’re thinking, could I have found a less catchy title for this blog posting? Probably not. I know it’s a mouthful however I could not come up with another way to describe the challenge Cate Bolt first put into my head.


What is the Eco-Humanity Challenge?

Quite simply, it is a challenge for all your Christmas gift this year to be either:

  • handmade
  • recycled
  • reuse
  • fair trade or
  • sourced from and benefitting a not for profit / charity.

Where did the idea come from?

Cate Bolt – a twitter friend (@catebolt) – recently said wouldn’t it be great it people chose to buy gifts which were free trade or benefitting a charity. Cate herself sells items to raise money for an orphanage in Indonesia. Her latest pastime appears to be gluing her fingers together or burning herself with a glue gun while making Christmas decorations to sell.

I started thinking whether I could confine my purchasing power this Christmas to sources which benefitted the environment, humanity or both. And thus I decided to throw down the gauntlet and challenge everyone in my small socal network to take up the challenge, or at least, assist me in spreading the word.


How many people are participating in the Eco-Humanity Challenge?

At present, I’m sorry to say a grand total of 2. Cate and myself. It’s ok. I’ve only made 1 tweet and this post so I can deal with 2 participants. For now. I’m asking you to take up the challenge and help spread the word. If it seems anyone besides my cats (on lap and to the right of the keyboard) has actually read this, then I will continue to post on the subject by including links to sites which offer products that are within the Eco-Humanity Challenge framework.


Where can I shop?

And yes, drumroll… I have 1 hot tip already for eco-humanity friend gifts. A very quick twitterer caught on to the conversation between Cate and I am chirped in with a link to Stay Vocal: Reuse Apparel. While I was intending to promote Australian causes (quite simply because there’s less emissions with a more localised product), this guy was so quick off the mark that I had to include him.


How do I get involved?

Spread the word

Please help by spreading the word via facebook, twitter, email or whatever floats your boat. If on twitter please use the hashtag #EHC.

Send me your tips on where to shop

If you know of a website, or a store which is a stellar source of ‘eco-humanity challenge friendly gifts’ (try saying that after several drinks!) please leave me a comment with the details. If below here a list grows – you’ll know it’s working. If this blog post end-eth here, I failed!



There are now at least 5 participants and the start of shop / site list suggested by our participants. To see the full site list click here.


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  1. I have taken the challenge, and am busy sourcing eBay for items. Where I live there are lots of locally made stores to chose from luckily!
    I also like to look on made it and etsy… but am trying to source as much as possible form local post codes.

    I also bake, sourcing organic ingredients with the least food miles I can find.

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